The IMO (International Maritime Organization ) published on May 26th 2006 the MSC 1 – Circular 1206 setting up recommendations for the inspection of Davits and Lifeboats aiming at the prevention of accidents in the testing and use of Davits and Lifeboats.  

The majority of accidents are delineated in the following categories:

  • Fault of the on-load Release Mechanism of the lifeboat.
  • Undesired, haphazard Operation of the on-load Release Mechanism.
  • Poor Maintenance of the Lifeboat.
  • Faulty brakes of the Davit and related Launching systems.
  • Lack of, or poor communication of crews during the Launching Operation of the Lifeboat
  • Lack of ease of the crews in the handling of the Lifeboats , Davits, and related equipments and control systems.
  • Unsafe practices during the operation of descent of the lifeboat or its inspection.
  • Poor planning of projects involving the installation, modification of launching devices sometimes without the original manufacturers knowledge.

ATRAC, as representative of over 30 of the most renown manufacturers of Lifeboats and Davits, is performing, day in, day out, inspections of Davits and Lifeboats through a team of professionals thoroughly trained by the Manufacturers at their location in accordance with the IMO, MSC.1 / Circ 1206.

ATRAC through its Inspection efforts participates actively in the world wide objective of eradication of accidents in the use of lifeboats and davits.