In an effort to fulfill its Vision and further its Professional Third Party focus, ATRAC started in November 2008 its Crane Services Division offering its clients the same high quality, reliable and professional service they have been used to in Load Testing and other Inspections.

Crane Inspection and Fine-Tuning:

  • Supervision of Crane Installation and Setup on behalf of manufacturers.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and 5-year Inspections Protocols Available
  • All Preventive Maintenance (PM ´s) of the Crane
  • Pressure Test on all Crane Hydraulic Systems
  • Optional: NDT of critical structural components (Ex: Load Blocks and Hooks, Pedestal Foundations, etc.)
  • Optional: Load Test Equipment
    • Certified Water Bags and Load Cells with Technical Support
    • Rental of Certified Load Cells for Pull Test
    • Certification of Pad Eyes for Pull Test

Other Crane Services Offered:

  • Training of Crane Operators and Maintenance Team and Supervisors
  • Calibration of Crane Safe Work Load Indicator (Ex: MIPEG 2000, MARKLOAD, MDTODCO and CRANE SMART)
  • Comprehensible Training for Operators and Crane Maintenance Supervisors
  • Elaboration and Implementation of Maintenance Plans for Crane and Lifting Gear Inventory.
  • Senior Mechanic Provision to solve problems identified at the time of   inspection or afterwards (except Boom Repairs and Welding)
  • Technical Assistance to locate direct OEM Parts and replacement service
  • Participation to Pool of critical parts in duty-free warehousing for quick turn around upon emergencies.
  • Our crane services apply to all brands of pedestal cranes and overhead/bridge cranes with extensive experience with PATRIOTS, SEATRAX  cranes in particular. 

ATRAC Inspector Certificates & Experience:

  • CICB – Certified Inspector Crane Bureau (ASME, ANSI and OSHA Regulations) for Overhead, Bridge Cranes, Rigging and Lifting Gear
  • API – American Petroleum Institute – Level 5 (API 2C 2D)
  • Over 15 years of Crane Inspection Experience

We are ready to serve and help you and your company to insure the Safety of your cranes and other associated Assets.