ATRAC has a comprehensive and effective client web system to help asset managers  keep track of all inspectionsload testing and other certifications performed by ATRAC on equipments under their responsibility. This online databank is protected and was designed to be a solution for document control regarding the safety of our client’s equipments  and also enables ATRAC´ s Clients to directly update those records online as required or as needed  for the purpose of certification.

ATRAC also provides Asset Management Support for owners and operators of:

  • Water Bags and JWAutomarine™ Underwater Lift Bags
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Yearly Certification
    • Repairs & Evaluation          
    • Load Cells
    • Calibration process within certification from INMETRO certified Brazilian laboratories
    • Adjustments and repairs of Water Bags / JW Automarine™ Equipments
  • Lifting Gear & Pad Eyes
    • Inventory, Identification, NDT Inspection and Load Testing
    • “Lift Loft” Concept: Complete Outsourced Solution of Certified and well maintained Lifting gear provision for vessels, rigs and bases.
  • Cranes
    • Commissioning, Maintenance Planning, Crane Inspections, Fine Tuning, Outsourcing of parts and Consulting.
  • Lifeboats & Davits
    • Training on Operation and Maintenance from over 30 manufacturers.
    • Annual and 5-Year Inspections, Outsourcing of parts and Consulting.
    • Load Testing of Davits, Winches, Lifeboats and Life raft Davits.
    • On-load Release Test of Lifeboat Hook Release Systems is also available.