According to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter III, every Lifeboat, Fast Rescue Craft and Life Raft needs to be submitted for Load Tests. ATRAC has developed a Water Weight bag system to successfully perform this task.

ATRAC provides  this service remotely, allowing load application and removal without operators inside the boat, promoting higher safety standards. All of our equipment is calibrated and certified by RBC registered laboratories guaranteeing reliability of ATRAC’s Load Testing Service and Certificate.

Gradual application of load is very important when equipment is being load tested, this is easily achieved when using ATRAC’ s Water Weights Bags system.


ATRAC has also developed a testing unit for on-load release hook systems (the ATRACTOR HRT) to comply with the load testing requirements in challenging work conditions, such as offshore platforms. This testing system evaluates if hooks are released appropriately and simultaneously to ensure safety when launching a lifeboat. The requirement for this test is the annual application of  the working load as well as the five yearly overload per IMO MSC 86.