ATRAC Performs Record Setting 2,200 Ton Load Test 

ATRAC completed the largest load test in the world showing its continued leadership not only in Brasil, but now worldwide. ATRAC used its new Test System developed in-house with specially developed bags, Intelligent Spreader bars and new efficient water filling system enabling 1% accuracy. 

Performed in the Rio Grande Shipyard in the middle of Brazilian winter of 2013 ( with heavy rain and temperatures close to zero degrees) This test is now a milestone in ATRAC’ s history and another evidence of ATRAC’ s commitment to service its International Clients with the latest Technology , for Reliable, Safe and Time Efficient Testing of their large lifting equipment. 

ATRAC won the tender proposed by the shipyard against International Competitors as it believed in this 2000T Goliath project, is now part of its success. ATRAC is now open to respond to proposals worldwide thanks to its network of International clients and friendly Suppliers. ATRAC’ s International team is ready to test anywhere. 

Important facts: 

• World record of crane load testing using water filled proof load bags 
• The Rio Grande test performed for the largest Goliath Crane in the world. 
• ATRAC conducted the test over 500 meter away from the water source, pumping the water up to 50 meters high. 
• ATRAC provided all load testing equipment, systems, accessories below the hook along with the procedures to perform the test successfully. 
• ATRAC Broke Records in South America first for 750T and 1000T 
• This year 2013 , ATRAC again broke the WORLD Record for successively 1500T, 2000T and 2200T 
• Precision as high as 1% of the load. 
• Gradual, and Safe application of the load. 
• Multiple configurations to attend clients with different load testing needs 

ATRAC New High Tonnage Testing Technology

ATRAC developed a new generation of Proof Load Test Bags and a high tonnage concept and technology to attend the ever growing need for larger crane load tests. ATRAC patented this system worldwide and is ready to attend around the globe. 

• ATRAC Smart Spreader Bar System with built in precision load cells with self-power generating capabilities allowing 100% the safe use of the Spreader Bar SWL. 
• ATRAC Super Low Headroom Cylindrical 100 and 50 tons Proof Load Bags are ABS certified and are equipped with a newly developed filling and emptying system based on home developed specialized valves 
• ATRAC Super Speed Pumping System reaching up to 250 tons per hour 

New Technology Applications 

• Low headroom load tests 200 Tons @ 6 meters, 400Tons @ 10 meters, 600T @ 15 meters 
• Very Large tests above 1000 Tons When high Precision ( 1%) and when Obstruction is a problem and when Fly over risk must be minimized. 
• Competitive worldwide. 

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ATRAC – Safety, Ready!