In situations were only the Lifeboat Davits need to be load tested, specially designed water bags are used to apply the load in each arm of the davit. Davits must be tested every year with working load and every 5-years with overload, other test must be required after repairs in key davit elements.

Double arm Lifeboat Davits can be tested with the lifeboat installed, and in this case ATRAC water bag system is the safest option.

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If the lifeboat is not installed, ATRAC can provide two sets of water bags and certified load cells/flow meters to ensure that correct load is applied without overloading any of the davit arms. This test can verify the correct functioning of the structure, davit winches, cables, cable terminations and brakes. 

ATRAC has performed successful load testing and inspections on Lifeboat Davits, Life rafts Davits, Defense Davits, Port Davits, Marina Davits and many others.

ATRAC’s water bags are ABS Type approved and certified, its lifting gear has a safety factor of 6:1. The load can be monitored with load cells or flow meters, allowing a precision of +/- 1% of the load.