• Prepare each and every Job you do.
  • Do it Right the First Time – NO REWORK
  • Push for Perfection
  • Faultless Jobs!
  • Don’t Run!
  • A step at a time.
  • Follow the Procedures
  • Abnormal unprepared situation ? stop and think .
  • Be creative
  • Be proactive
  • Be Safe
  • Need to change the Plan:  Call Supervisor and then Client !
  • Prefer calling than texting or e-mail
  • Use e-mail to ratify what you have discussed in person or by phone
  • If you have a question… ASK!
  • Be positive! Yes, we can do it!
  • Find Joy in your Job
  • Be proud of your Company
  • Make the difference!
  The end result of applying this principles is to provide safety readiness to ATRAC and its CLIENTS people and equipment