For more than 15 years, ATRAC is operating in the Brazilian Market, and since 2003 is an outsourced and trust worthy provider of solutions to the operations of many companies for oil and gas, merchant navy, armed forces as well as several international manufacturers.

Since 2003, ATRAC uses, sells, rents and maintains Water Bags made by JW Automarine. The simple ingenuity of the Water Bag meets the proof load testing challenges of equipment and structures in many segments of the industry.

Inspections Solutions

Equipments dynamically engineered to perform the most complex Load Tests with higher level of safety and reliability

  • Certified and Drop Tested Water Bags with load capacity from 50Kg to 35 tons, that can be arranged in different ways to achieve up to 340 tons, on call next to you. If you need a load test with higher tonnage please contact us.
  • Load Cells shackle type, with precision (available today in the following SWL 5T, 12T, 35T, 55T, 100T, 200T and 400T, accuracy from 1% to 0.5%), all of them regularly calibrated and adjusted by labs RBC certified.
  • Certified Flow Meters regularly calibrated by labs RBC certified.
  • Lifting Gear.
  • ATRAC system for Lifeboat / Liferaft Load Testing.
  • ATRAC system for Dynamic Helideck Safety Nets and Tie Downs Load Testing.
  • ATRAC system for Pad Eye Load Testing called the ATRACTOR
  • High Capacity Water Pumps (water or sea water).
  • ATRAC X-Bar = Spreader Bar in “X” shape with maximum capacity of 340T, allowing the performance of high tonnage tests in places with low headroom.

Other Available Solutions

  • Crane Services and Fine Tuning
  • Load Indicator Calibration and Adjustment
  • Load Test and Verification of load cells for Cranes, Overhead Cranes, BOP Carriers, Barge Cranes, and other lifting equipments.
  • Load Tests in Lifeboat Davits (structural, without lifeboat).
  • Lifeboat Load Testing, eliminating the use of sand bags or water bottles.
  • Dynamic Helideck Safety Nets Load Testing.
  • A-Frame Load Testing (Heavy Laying, R.O.V. lauching systems, etc.).
  • Load Testing in Pad Eyes and Structural Modules.
  • Hydraulics Cylinder Testing.
  • Side services and Inspections (MPI, LP, Dimensional and Visual Inspections).
  • And many other special projects…

For other services related to Load Tests, Please contact us.

Our personnel is qualified, organized and trained to perform their jobs with high quality standards, efficiently and in time.

We work hand in hand with all main Surveyor Companies as ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Germanische Lloyds, Lloyds Register, NKK, RBNA, RINA, etc.

We are at your disposal to provide the solution you need. 

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